We believe it is important that you know where your food comes from, and that there are as few links and processes as possible between you and the person who produces your food. We list on the site, under each products how many miles that product makes until it reaches Aberdeen. There is information about the company we buy the product from. We strive to buy directly from the farmer, the baker, the fishmonger and the butcher. This way you can be sure that 'fresh' is really fresh. That the makers get a fair price. And that it is not at all complicated to eat more within the seasons.

We deliver for the moment in Aberdeen city (AB10, AB11, AB12, AB13, AB15, AB16, AB21, AB22, AB23, AB24, AB25). We are looking at possibilities to deliver to a greater area as we believe everybody should benefit from having local fresh food delivered to their door.

We deliver Monday to Saturday 10:00am- 5:00m. You have an option at checkout to choose an hour slot for your delivery. That way you will know when your delivery will be at your door.

By using a minimum amount of £15 per order, we can keep delivery costs low and organize delivery efficiently.

There is a delivery charge of £3.50 per shopping session. For orders above £100 the delivery is free.

We will try to call you on the number provided and if possible, leave a message. Please call us as soon as possible. NOTE: If you do miss a delivery, we can't guarantee that the driver will be able to return with your order on the same day.

If the product affected is a perishable product, then you must call us before the expiry of the "use by", "best before" or "BBE" date stamped on the product to receive a refund. You will be offered a replacement or offered credit for your next purchase.

Due to COVID restrictions we think is safe to allow as little as possible people on our premises. The only option at the moment is to have your groceries delivered to your door.

We work closely with Environmental Health and apply their guidance on how we can get the products to you in the safest way possible. For deliveries we will place your order at the door without contact. The delivery person rings the doorbell and waits at a safe distance. So you bring your groceries in yourself. Behind the scenes we also do everything in accordance with the Environmental Health guidelines and our own high hygiene standards. We take our responsibility to provide people with good and healthy food very seriously.

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