Mad Mission

We want people to know what real food tastes like

We exist because there should not be a trade-off between eating well, locally produced food items, and wasting time and energy in finding a local store (because we bring it to your home). Our purpose is to change the way people eat.

The truth is, food and our relationship to it plays a vital role in shaping our lifestyle, health, economy, and our culture. It is the great unifier, which brings people together in ways that most other elements cannot.

Come join us in our online space of fresh farm groceries delivered to your doorstep. Life can be endlessly delicious.

We are starting a ‘mad’ revolution!

Mass produced, long shelf products have no space in our homes. We know you do not want to cook with products that have been altered to have long shelf life to the detriment of your well-being. We have all we need to our doorsteps. There are plenty of local producers that take great care and pride in offering the best quality products. This is our purpose, to bring all those producers under one umbrella and bring their finest products to your door with minimum effort on your part.

So we say let’s say ‘no’ to all large chain, mass produced products and embrace the small guys, the unconventional, the real deal.

We source our products as close as possible to home

Our food, our community, our people. We put great care into everything we do. Our values guide us, from how we source our products to the ways we care for customers, communities, and one another. We sell all locally made products, and if we get short on something, we outsource it as close as possible to home. Mad Potato experience is made up of dozens of tiny impressions. We’re fanatical about making sure everything tastes, looks, and works the way it should. Every. Single. Time.

We will always promote family businesses- and this will never change.

One of the reasons why we like and promote family businesses is because being one, we know such business models are mostly passion-driven. Since the family’s needs and name are at stake, there is a greater sense of commitment and accountability. This level of commitment is almost impossible to generate in non-family firms. Family-owned and -run businesses place importance on hitting business goals and the overall company vision in a long-term period rather than a short-term period. This long-term perspective, when properly molded and intelligently utilized, allows for creative decision-making and strategy development. The pressure is not to come up with reports and strategies for investors every quarter. Rather, the focus is to utilize resources for projects that are perceived to benefit the family-owned and -run companies and the audience they are catering to.

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