Mad Mission

We want people to know what real food tastes like

The Mad Potato vision is simple, just like our food.

Everyday we promote honest, healthy, mindful eating and make it our sole purpose to ensure our customers experience the true taste of real food .

The truth is, food and our relationship to it plays a vital role in shaping our lifestyle, health, economy, and our culture. It is the great unifier, which brings people together in ways that most other elements cannot.

Come join us in our online space of fresh farm groceries delivered to your doorstep. Life can be endlessly delicious.

We want people to know what real food tastes like

We are starting a ‘mad’ revolution!

No more dull supermarket food!

Mad Potato takes great care in sourcing local, sustainable produce for our shop. We
avoid mass production at all costs and are committed to a local community of small
producers who grow and create the best quality, authentic produce that’s so fresh you
can almost taste the ground in which it grew.

So we say let’s say ‘no’ to all large chain, mass produced products and embrace the small guys, the unconventional, the real deal.

We are starting a ‘mad’ revolution!

Food should be transparent

We should know who produced our food

From the packing to the produce, every single food item sold has full traceability back to its roots

Customers can connect to the person who has grown or produced the food and feel a true sense of authenticity to the food and drink they are enjoying.

We don’t make false claims about our produce to make them seem more ‘ethical’. We say our produce is natural, sustainable and healthy, because they are.

Food should be transparent

We will always promote small businesses and this will never change.

Small Business power!

One of the reasons why we like and promote family businesses is because being one, we know such business models are mostly passion-driven.

This level of commitment is almost impossible to generate in non-family firms.  The pressure is not to come up with reports and strategies for investors every quarter. Rather, the focus is to utilize resources for projects that are perceived to benefit the family-owned and -run companies and the audience they are catering to.

It’s our vision to create a honest, healthy, and happy community to make a difference to the world in which we all live.  

We’re fanatical about making sure everything tastes, looks, and works the way it should. Every. Single. Time.

We will always promote small businesses and this will never change.

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