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6°North Wanderlust Wheat Beer 4.6% ABV

6° North was established in 2013. The concept was born in Belgium when founder Robert Lindsay fell in love with the country’s beer culture and tradition. We make modern, artisanal beers that are driven by Belgian brewing tradition and inspired by modern brewing practices. Our beers are unfiltered and carbonated naturally through secondary fermentation.

Wanderlust is cloudy & white…like a good wheat beer should be! Brewed with oranges & grapefruit, Wanderlust is light & super refreshing!

ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast, fruit, spices.

*Malts: Pils, wheat, torrified wheat, Hops: Tettnang & Saaz.


***Product travelled 27.8 miles from Stonehaven brewery to our Aberdeen store.

**** Please note that for orders containing alcoholic drinks, proof of age will be required upon delivery.


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