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Earl Grey Tea Bags

At Hampstead Every single one of our teas and ingredients is certified organic. Organic is so important, not just for our own benefits (though there are many) but for the earth’s as well. Organic farming drastically decreases the amount of pesticides used, so neither the soil nor you have to ingest any harmful chemicals. It’s a more natural way of farming.

Biodynamic is super-organic; it’s at the heart of who we are and what our tea is. Biodiversity goes beyond Organic, encapsulating the entirety of farming.

Our Earl Grey is a blend of gentle Darjeeling Black tea with the addition of organic Bergamot from the Reggio Calabria region of Italy, renowned for its bergamot fruit. Our Earl Grey is soft, citrusy and great with a slice of lemon.

Ingredients: Organic, Bio-Dynamic, Fair-trade Black Tea. Bergamot Oil

*20 bags

*** Product travelled 354 miles to Glasgow warehouse and a further 143 miles to our Aberdeen based shop.

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