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Lamb and Prune Pies


***Produced 25 miles away from Aberdeen.

Available in a pack of 2.

Wark Farm Pies are pies fully made at Wark Farm, a 200 acres organic farm in Cushnie Alford. Inside their secret recipe golden hot water pastry crust, you will find fillings made with only the best of ingredients such as our own aged Belted Galloway Beef and Hebridean Lamb. But our pies don’t only taste good, they’ll also make you feel good as a part of the proceeds are used to develop and maintain the wet-and wildlands at the farm which support Scotland’s wildlife.

Our Lamb & Prune Pies are made with Hebridean Lamb, in which you can taste the wild grasses and herbs of the Wark Farm meadows. Wark Farm lamb is most characteristic of our terroir, almost allowing the meat a more gamey taste, which is beautifully balanced out by a little sweetness of the prunes.

Note: Frozen product.


Out of stock

Ingredients: Pastry (wheat flour, lard, egg, butter (milk), salt, water)

Filling (lamb, prunes, onion, rusk (wheat), salt, rosemary, black pepper, mace).

Allergens are listed in bold.



Minimum 250g


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