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Orange Spread

Originating in the Aquitaine region of Southwestern France, St. Dalfour is handcrafted, pairing a family recipe with all-natural ingredients. Our artisanal recipe was created after the turn of the 19th century just south of Bordeaux, amid the renowned terroir dubbed “the Garden of France”. We use only 100% fruit with vineyard-ripened grape ‘must’ as a natural sweetener. Using grape must, the sweet by-product of winemaking, creates a healthier spread that allows the goodness of fruit to shine through.

Today, we still source our fruit from regional growers, and our Maître Confiturier still uses the same slow and expensive small-batch, labor-intensive process that has remained unchanged for generations. Hand-selected fruit is slow- cooked with fruit juices until it reaches the peak of flavor, with no artificial additives or cane sugars ever used. The result is an award-winning, best-for-you fruit spread of unrivaled quality, rich in flavor with just the right amount of natural sweetness.


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