White Lasagne Semola

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At the foot of the Etna lies Fiumefreddo where 3 generations Barbagallo made pasta.

More than 100 years ago Angelo’s grandfather started here because of the fresh clean water coming from the volcano.

Now the pasta is still made in the authentic way with organic durum wheat from Sicilian farmers whose grandfathers already delivered to the Barbagallo’s. The quality of the organic durum wheat is superb, because of the fertile lava soil, the mild climate and the use of old varieties.

Angelo is a dedicated pasta maker using the authentic ways with modern techniques.

The wheat is freshly milled just before making the pasta dough. Slow milling in 28 steps to keep the semolina cool, preserving the nutrients and taste.

Making the pasta shapes is done three times slower as usual to maintain a delicate pasta.

The drying of the pasta is slowly at low temperature so that there is a maximum of nutrition, smell and taste.

Take a lot of boiling water to cook. Pasta has to “swim”. When the pasta glides into the water you can smell the fresh semolina showing that the pasta is made “con amore e passione.


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