Mad Potato Wholesale

We are a brand dedicated to bringing people together through the power of ethical, sustainable, planet and community friendly food. 

We let our values guide us in everything we do


Our founder's passion for good food goes back to her family's kitchen in the countryside, watching her parents bring the family together while they were in the kitchen, apron on, holding an over-sized carving fork in one hand and a glass of wine made with grapes from our garden in the other. It is also in the countryside she experienced first hand the way the hard work of farmers can bring communities together.


We have created an ecosystem of farms that are passionate about growing fruits and veg in a sustainable and ethical way. There are no pesticides used and the farming is being done with the wildlife and soil at heart, to ensure there is no damage brought to the environment.

Mad Potato

Our ecosystem of supporters is growing at extraordinary rate. We believe it should be easy to live sustainably. That's why we want to change your shopping experience and cut the hassle out, bringing you closer to local or responsible businesses. If you are as dedicated as we are to supporting and uplifting your community, making a stand against climate change and leaving a better, sustainable world for the generations to come then join our cause and become a Mad Potato , just like us!

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